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Our Story

In May of 2004, Shannon and Stephanie Harris knew that they would make the perfect team in the electrical construction industry.

They both agreed that the Industry was in dire need of people that like them, wanted to bring integrity, and solid morals back into the electrical service industry.

Shannon, with his technical knowledge and ability to work with all kinds of people, as well as Stephanie’s business experience, helped to allow them to become one of the most aggressively growing electrical companies in the greater Houston area.

Given that the company’s substantial and consistent growth is solely based on referrals of their customers, they feel as though they are on the exact track they had hoped they would be 15 years ago, and are looking forward to a challenging and rewarding future in the electrical construction industry.

Harris Electrical Services, Inc. has every ability to meet any client’s needs, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

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